Aims and Scopes

IJMC presents a platform to Islamic scholars and social scientists to publish original research articles, conceptual articles, reports field studies and book reviews of all aspects of Islam and contemporary Muslim civilization world. It particularly welcomes work of interdisciplinary nature that brings together Social Sciences and Humanities to the Muhammadiyah’s thought and movement studies.


  • Challenges of peace, harmony, and coexistence to the contemporary world
  • Contemporary research in e-learning
  • Ethics & global cultural issues
  • Humanities and social sciences dimensions
  • Islam, Muhammadiyah, and gender
  • Islamic youth and millennial studies
  • Islam, Muhammadiyah, conflict resolution, and peace management
  • Islam, Muhammadiyah, and local culture
  • Islam, Muhammadiyah, and nationality
  • Islam, Muhammadiyah, and global issues
  • Islamic economics, management, accounting, and business
  • Islamic arts and literature
  • Islamic culture and civilization
  • Islamic education
  • Islamic history
  • Islamic law and jurisprudence
  • Islamic thought and philosophy
  • Islamic politics and political economy
  • Qur'anic and hadith studies
  • Science & civilization in Islam
  • Social media: impacts and implications
  • Solutions to organizational and societal issues: social, political, and economics
  • Psychological and sociological paradigm
  • Sufism and theology
  • Muhammadiyah’s thought and movement studies